5 reasons you should stop trying to take your own family photos

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With a wide variety of DSLRs available in the market, everyone has now become a photographer. These days, cameras are so handy and easy to use that they have left hardly any need to hire a photographer. All the family functions, friends’ birthday parties and gala moments are shot by that one person in every group. Everyone compliments the pictures, but you always see one person is missing in all the pictures. Is that person you?

With all this in mind, you still prefer doing it yourself because it’s more economical than hiring a pricey photographer. But sometimes the camera is not just enough! What a family photographer brings with them is much more than that. Here are five reasons why you should stop taking your own family photos and hire a professional photographer to do the job!

  • “You will be in the photos!”

With someone in the family always clicking your family photos, you cannot get that perfect family picture. The fun is not complete until every family member is in the frame. The best reason to hire a photographer is so you can be in the photos! A family photographer will capture you ALL. You can later thank him for the picture perfect credits on Instagram.

  • “The photography will be well planned and styled.”

Say you’re out for a shoot and want some pictures on the beach. A skilled photographer can really help. He can guide you to the best locations and help you pick outfits in various styles for you to try while getting “clicked.” A professional has the experience to know how to take care of each and every detail during photography.

  • Your kids won’t touch the camera!

Most moms and dads can’t say no their kids when they want the camera, which brings the risk of them getting sand all over it or dropping it onto a rock or into the water. Hiring a photographer allows you to avoid all this. More importantly, you can engage with your family and have really natural photos while playing and relaxing on the beach.

  • “Say good-bye to blurred pictures!”

How often have you taken a picture you love, only to find that the image turned out blurry? Hiring a professional photographer insures this won’t happen to your precious family and beach portraits.

  • “You get pictures that are well edited and composed.”

Professional photographers use the best editing tools such as Photoshop and Lightroom to retouch your photos. San Diego photographers know how to balance the colors and brightness to bring out the best in your pictures. They ensure that your images are properly exposed and professionally created.

Obviously when I say, “hire a professional photographer”….I’m talking about me! I am an underwater and beach lifestyle photographer who loves to take photos of rad people having fun….could this be you? Call 858.344.1068 or email me at ellegphotography@me.com to learn more!



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